Release of AgentZ version

You can download it here

EXISTING CONFIG FILES: These should stay compatable, however some settings will not carry over properly in the chat tab.
Any general chat line which you have made changes to (color, sound) will need to be checked.
If you previously had filtered some chat types, you will need to redo this by going to that chat type and selecting “B” for it.
In addition, the default aliases all now drop the _ on the end. The old style will still work, but requires more work then the new system.


* General Chat Upgrades:
-o General chat has been split into 2 parts, Predefined and Custom.
-o Predefined contains what General Chat used to be.
-o Custom Chat can do anything that Predefined chat does to strings/message types you specify, and has 1 advantage over Predefined: you can send a message to multiple windows.
-o Predefined chat has added 2 new features, on/off toggle for each line, and the ability to move messages to different windows. Previously the Left checkboxs was used to filter/unfilter the text, but now it will enable/disable the actions of that line.
-o Replacing that functionality is a new dropdown for moving the text. It has these options:
–+ D: Default (don’t move)
–+ M: Send to main chat
–+ 1-4: Send to windows 1,2,3, or 4
–+ B: Block (replaces function of checkbox previously)
-o Both sections now display color by colored dots as opposed to the textual names of the colors.

* Aliases:
-o I wasn’t happy with how these were working, so I reworked it. On the surface they won’t appear different, but they now work better and are more flexable:
-o Previously only 1 global alias would be allowed to work, so if you sent text with 2, only the first one would kick in.
-o Also / commands wouldn’t allow text to follow them, meaning something like “/zeg” = “/t zegeger,” wouldn’t work if you tried typing, “/zeg hey man”. It should work like this now.
–+ With this change there is not much use for the “_” feature any longer, and all the default commands using it have been changed, however the feature itself is still there.

* Item Spell Tracking:
-o If you enable this option on the Buffs tab, item spells cast on your items will be shown in the list with the appropriate timer. It will save across logins, but it should only be considered an estimate.

* Corpse Tracking:
-o If you die, your corpse will be added to the list with its coordinates.
-o If you have a corpse, a new Main HUD option will show the selected corpse’s location.
-o Checking Absolute Coords will change the location displayed on the HUD from relative to absolute
-o If you check Auto Remove, your corpse will automatically be removed after you open it, and the corpse disappears.

* XP Change Filter:
-o You can now set a threshold to filter XP Changes. If a change is below this threshold, then it will not be displayed anywhere (though it will still be considered in the XP count)

* Auto Reset:
-o If you enable this option on the Experiance tab, the session will auto reset if 1/10 an XP change is greater then your current session xp.
-o For example: Buffing with 7’s you yeild around 2,000 XP. When you start hunting if your first kill is over 20,000 XP so the session auto reset’s

* Global Config:
-o There is now an option under Options/About to set a character to use the global config file. This file is used universally on all chars who have this option enabled.
-o When you check it, the global config is loaded, if you uncheck it your character specific settings are loaded.
-o Any changes made while using the global config will show on any other char using the global config.

* DHS Support:
-o Now supports several DHS hotkeys for Resetting the session and toggling the HUDs.


* Fixed problem where auto filling mana may fail because you are busy. It should now keep trying until you are successful.
* Added some sanity checking to textbox entries.
* Fixed bug with how Asheron’s Benediction and Blackmoor’s Favor displayed.
* Fixed coordinates not being standard across different locales, this was also affecting corpse coords in locales outside the US

Minor Changes:

* The plugin view is now slightly larger.
* Added Date option to clock HUD, optionally it can display a short date.
* Added the ability to offset your tracked buff timer.
* Chat General Changes:
-o Split Spells into Your Spells and Other Spells
-o Added Your and Enemy War Combat
-o Split Evades into Your Evades and Enemy Evades
* Rewrote Spelllist to improve performance
* The messages “You have entered [some chat room]” are filtered. This is not configurable since those messages occur before the settings can load.
* Added chattypes command, which toggles appending of chat types to each line.
* Changed it so selecting a general chat line doesn’t play the sound for that line, now clicking in the sound column will cause the sound to play.
* Added 5 minute XP/Hr average. It reports our XP/Hr based only on the xp produced in the last full 5 minutes.
* Added Mana Charge value threshold. It will only use charges with a value below the threshold specified.

Originally posted Mar 17 2006, 04:36 PM

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