Release of AgentZ version

Big thanks to Ashake of MT for helping me track down and fix these bugs!

You can download it here.

Fixed Error #6 when Item HUD quantities were too large.
Fixed Error #5 when Item HUD was horizontal and the values changed in a particular sequence.

Added option to show the time remaining on the beer closest to expiring in the Main HUD.
Added a hotkey which will cause your character to consume one of each beer you have.
Added option to automatically use beers if the spell is below a certain time.
–Beers set to be automatically used are queued up in an event queue. By default the queue will not run until you trigger it by one of three ways: Clicking on the provided green text in the chat window, pressing a particular hotkey (set through DHS), or issuing a chat command.
Added option on the About tab setting the event queue to run without waiting for an input.
Added chat option to clear the event queue.

Minor Changes:
Switched pea splitting to use the same event queue as beers.

Originally posted Jul 30 2006, 01:04 AM

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