Release of AgentZ version

You can download it here

Major Code Changes/Clean Up
Generally improved efficency across the plugin

Corpse List
* Corpse list now tries to recognize different corpses by their guid, making auto removing more accurate.
* Corpse list now stores what was lost on each corpse, you can get this info by click on the relative coords or time in the corpse list.

Spell List
* Now adds item buff target based on chat text instead of selected item (Means item buffs via a plugin will record properly now)
* Item buffs should now account for the players augmentations. This will not work for item buffs cast on you, however if are getting buffed by someone else, you likely have other buffs you can track besides item.

Chat Text
* Added actions line to Custom Chat.
* * It is a semi-colon delimited list of chat actions to perform
* * Use [] at the beginning of an action to send text to the chat window, 2 optional arguments [color, window]
* * color can be 0-31, which are the standard ac chat types. window can be 0-4, 0 = main, 1-4 = windows.
* * Example: /house recall; [7,1] I’m recalling!; /p I’m going to my house
* Added ability to add custom chat rules via a chat command
* * Format is /z chatcustom <Text>|<Type>|<Window>|<Color>|<Sound>|<Actions>
* * Clicking on the color of a custom chat rule will output the command for that rule to the chat window

* Added two seperate methods of logging
* * 1, Recent Log: Logs a configurable number of recent chat lines into a viewable list, clicking will show a date and full text
* * 2, File Log: “/z log <filename>” A /log replacement, it allows you to log only specific types of chat to a file or XML
* * Which types of chat to log for either method is configurable
* * Optionally you can include timestamps into the log, and set it to automatically log to a file upon login.
* * Log Files are stored in the Asheron’s Call folder within our My Documents folder.
* * XSL and CSS files to format XML logs are included.
* * Warnings: Logging reqires more disk writes and thus can impact performace. Keep the number of lines for Recent logging on the lower end
* * XML logging uses more memory and requires more writing, so if you use XML Logging, try unchecking much of the “spam” such as melee attacks in the options
* * Using simple file logging (“Save to XML” option unchecked) is the most performant.
* AFK Mode: Enabling this mode will issue the *afk* emote and send a customizable message when you recieve a tell.

HUDs In General
* Updated HUDs to be more efficient.
* Added HUD “windows” with title bars.
* * Title bars can be disabled for any HUD by clicking the “O” icon in the HUD’s titlebar. Holding shift while clicking on the HUD will restore the titlebar.
* * A HUD can be closed by clicking the “X” icon in the HUD’s titlebar
* * A HUD can be moved by dragging the title bar like normal windows. Using the control key to move the HUD’s will still work.
* * Move a HUD close to the bottom or right of the 3D area and it will dock, moving with area when it changes.
* Outlining – When enabled it will outline text making it easier to read without a background.
* Moved HUD enabled, font, fontsize, background color and alpha, and outling into a new tab for configuring.
* * Specific options for each HUD remain in their old tabs.
* Changed HUD config tabs to use the “color dots”.

New HUDs:
* Target HUD – Essentially an ID HUD, the idea being this could replace the ID panal for much of the time.
* * When you select an object this HUD will show the vital statistics for it (Note it will not show all statistics for space constraints).
* * For creatures and players it will show their health and will track all vulns and magic yield debuffs.
* * For items it will show various info. A=Attuned, B=Bonded, D=Dyable, I=Ivoryable, R=Retained, U=Unenchantable
* Status HUD – Moves the red status text in the middle of the screen into a hud which you can move and configure.
* * You can specify the number of lines to show from 1 to 6.
* * Use the “Remove Status Text” Option in the Util tab to remove the old status text.

Updated HUDs:
* Clock HUD – Updated with more options
* * Expanded to include the major timezones in addition to your time and game time
* * Added Count Down and Count Up timers
* Main HUD – Added a couple new options
* * Total Time, Total XP, Total XP/Hr, 5Min XP, Changed “XP/Hr” to “Session XP/Hr”

* Moved portions of Util tab into a new tab: Items.
* Improved auto beer use options.
* * You can now specify which beers to use.
* * You can set it to not consume beers if your buff timer is below a certain time.
* Added Toggle Vitals on Login option, which will change your vitals so that they do not display the numbers on login

Fixed a bug where removing green text caused filters not to work properly.
Fixed a bug where command aliases would not properly work only for their specific wording
Fixed it such that checking a box in various lists would cause that line to be selected.

the /find command is no longer case sensitive.
you may now use AgentZ commands in aliases.

*Note the Settings tab is present but does not contain anything yet. It is there for a future upgrade to settings managment.
*Also note that if you have an alias for a command the same as another plugin, such as for allegiance hometown, then using it may cause you to lose more mana because it is issuing it twice.

Originally posted Dec 4 2006, 04:04 PM

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