Release of AgentZ version RC1

You can download it here

Vista Compatibility. Settings are now stored in the Local Data folder.
The installer should attempt to move the files to the new location automatically. Keep in mind if you are upgrading, you must install to the same folder as the previous installation for the move script to work correctly.
If it fails for some reason, then you will need to manually move your settings and data folder to the new location.
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Local Settings\Application Data\AgentZ
Vista/Win7: C:\ProgramData\AgentZ

New Features:
DHS hotkeys for one touch healing, health items, stamina items, and mana items.
Reference the new one touch tab for configuration options.
* For consumable items you will simply use the item that will restore the most vital with the least amount of waste.
* The healing algorithm has several stages. It first tries to find the kit with the best restoration bonus above the success threshold. If none is found then it will try to find the best success.
* * If the smart healing is utilized then if the best success rate found is still below the fall back threshold, then a health item will be used instead (if you have any).
* * Note the cheapo setting will allow you to use “less valuable” kits when your health is above a certain threshold.
* * * Value in this algorithm is defined as restoration bonus * 100 + healing bonus. So for example a treated healing kit is valued at 225, while a renegade herbal kit is valued at 300.
* * * So if your health is above the threshold, then the treated kit will be used, saving your herbal kit.
* You may also specify a vital threshold where items will not be used. So if your stamina is at 97%, and you hit the hotkey, you will not waste a whole ration.
* And finally you can specify items to be exempt across the board. An example would be Sake, if you keep a supply for the drunken madman.

Vital Alarm
Plays a looping alarm sound if a specified vital is too low.
* Sounds are stored in a new “Loop” folder under the “Sounds” folder.

Corpse List
* Can now disable the corpse list if you no longer drop death items or don’t care about your corpse locations.

Minor Changes:
* Modified the Target HUD display for certain items which should be showing more information.
* Added Epics to the Spell display portion of the Target HUD
* Adjusted how file logging was implemented to avoid file locking errors under Vista/Win7.

* Updated plugin to support new skills. (Should fix errors when selecting 2H weapons)
* Cleaned up some potential memory leaks. (May fix vendor crashing issues)
* Rearranged some code that may help with a login issue that caused repeating error #5 and #6 to be displayed for some people.
* Made some minor modifications to the corpse list functionality to attempt to make automatic removal more reliable.

Originally posted Nov 24 2009

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