Release of AgentZ version

You can download it here

New Feature
Experimental: /z sellpeas – Sells all your peas and purchases MMD’s.

OneTouch Healing
Difficulty calculation now takes into account your combat stance
Added a check to Stamina on Healing. If your Stamina is 3% or less then it will drastically increase the difficulty. This means you will either use your best skill bonus kit or if smart healing is enabled then you will likely chug a potion/ration instead of heal.
Now takes into account uses remaining on each kit. Will use whichever kit of the same type has the fewest uses remaining.

Minor Changes:
Added Asheron’s Lesser Benediction to Bonus Gem auto use.
Bonus Gem’s will no longer try to be used if their cooldown timer is in effect.
Removed vendor interaction for the target HUD. This means that selecting items in a vendor will no longer show on the HUD, but this should fix crashing issues when interacting with vendors.

Tweaked chat alias’ to fix an issue where it would sometimes inadvertantly fire for a particular string format.
Item cooldown timer’s will no longer show in the AgentZ spell list tab.
Fixed Spellwords under Chat->General->Predefined to work for other’s spellcasting as well as your own.
Fixed chat rule ordering so NPC Tell option actually works if you have Tells option enabled as well.

Originally posted Feb 5 2010

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